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If you require equipment for your tailors, dress making store or other retail shop, you should come to us here at Morplan. We can provide you with diverse collections of high quality retail supplies, such as sewing needles, steamers, stain removers, sample finders, cloth handling equipment and size labels.

Premium Manufacturing Supplies
If you want to create high quality clothing, it is vital you purchase premium fashion supplies. By purchasing first rate manufacturing supplies from us, you can rest assured that you will be using effective materials which can hold or cut fabrics. We are  dedicated to providing the best retail supplies in the industry, which is why we continually add to our range of manufacturing products to provide you with an extensive level of choice.

Affordable Tailoring Equipment
Whether you are looking for sewing machine oil, stitch unpickers, specialist threads, trouser clips or cloth weights, you are sure to find the perfect tailoring equipment for your requirements. Our products are incredibly affordable and competitive in comparison to some of our online competitors, so it pays to come to us.

Strong and Reliable Dress Making Supplies
As well as sewing and cutting materials, we can provide you with an extensive level of dress making supplies, including pattern making tools, hand tools, block pattern charts, pattern hooks and racks, tailor dummies, cloth markers, tape measures, plus so much more.

For further information on our products and services, contact us here at Morplan today.

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