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Coat Hangers

If you run a shop, then you will need a great selection of retail hangers to ensure you are well supplied. Depending on the amount of clothes you stock, you may find that you often struggle to find enough hangers when you need them.

If this is the case, then Morplan can help make your life a little easier. We stock a vast selection of hangers of various kinds, all of the highest quality and at competitive prices. Whatever type of clothes you sell, we can help you find the perfect hanger to suit them. Clothes hangers are essential for keeping clothes neat and tidy when in storage, as well as for display purposes.

Clothes Hangers for your Store
We stock a wide variety of clothes hangers for you to choose from, including padded coat hangers. These are popular in many stores, as they are sturdy and reliable while also having a softened shape which does not impose any rigid structure on the material. This makes them ideal for long-term clothes storage as you can be sure that they will not be left adversely affected by spending such a long time on the hanger.

Our padded coat hangers are also ideal for use with delicate materials such as silks, as the padding will be gentle against them. If you stock items which require this level of delicacy, then our padded hangers are sure to be the best choice for storage and display purposes.

We have over 200 types of hangers, including wooden, plastic and padded coat hangers in our  huge range of shop display equipment, so take a look at our selection to see what we can offer you.

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