Female Mannequins

We stock great value Economy mannequins, low in price but high in style, constructed from either lightweight, hardwearing plastic or traditional fibreglass. For a deluxe option, see our Realistic range which offers a high quality display solution for womenswear in fashionable stores or boutiques. If you are looking for a mannequin with a difference then check out our Sports mannequins, available in a variety of dynamic, sporty poses and a bold, attention-grabbing way to display sportswear and active wear or high street fashions. There are also flexible and bendy mannequins if you want to get creative. All mannequins feature good body proportions and muscle definition and most are supplied with display stands and come with FREE delivery. There is bound to be a design to suit any store or location that wishes to display womenswear effectively and on any budget. Whether you call them mannequins or manikins, sit back and browse our vast range...
Amplify the appeal of your products with one of our chic full body female mannequins, designed to show off your products to their full potential. Customers come in all shapes and sizes and so do our range of mannequins; from the fuller figure mannequins to the slim build mannequins, choose from abstract mannequins with a hint of facial features, or choose a more natural mannequin with fuller features. Our wide range of poses, colours and features make Morplan the ideal supplier for your business.

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