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Self-Assembly Counters

In order to make products appealing to customers, it’s important to ensure they are well presented. By choosing an appropriate display case, such as an aluminium framed showcase or a wooden framed showcase, you can present products to customers in an attractive and unique way, which may well encourage them to make a purchase. Display cases are also incredibly useful if you need to display valuable items such as jewellery, as they provide an extra element of security.

An aluminium framed display case will give a much more contemporary look, perfect for retail units with a more modern interior. By using an aluminium framed showcase to present your products, you can display them in a much more appealing way than if they were just placed on a shelf. You can also allow customers to see items much closer rather than having to store and display them behind a counter. Browse our collection of aluminium framed display cases to find a model that will fulfil your requirements.

Conversely, a wooden framed display case can present items in a much more traditional manner. Wooden framed showcases will look ideal in antique shops or any other such retail unit with a more traditional interior, and presenting your products in such an elegant way will entice customers to take a closer look which will hopefully lead to a purchase.

Aside from aluminium and wooden framed display cases, we also have mirror-backed, frameless and gondola style showcases, so feel free to take a look around our website and discover how you can enhance your retail space.


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