Popup Shops

Pop-up Shop - Furniture Rental Service

Three themes to choose from. Two week minimum rental. Free-standing fittings that are quick and easy to install. No wall or floor damage to repair. Trade right up to the last day of your contract. Packaging, accessories and more can be supplied and delivered alongside your furniture.

Pop-up Shop - Furniture Rental ServicePop-up Shop - Furniture Rental Service

Getting started

You’ve got the keys, now turn that empty box into your dream pop-up shop.

If you've hired the perfect floor-space but still need to display your products and want something more impressive than a plinth, then our furniture hire service is for you.

Three themes to choose from

Choose from three completely different themes - crisp white, bold black & wood or Scandi chrome & birch - opting for a complete pack and add to it, or simply select the items you need.

Two week minimum rental

Our minimum rental period is just two weeks but the longer you keep it, the lower the weekly cost. Of course if you want to keep the gear for future projects we’ll be happy to discuss a final settlement price.

Everything else

We’ve also provided a handy check-list to help ensure that you remember everything you’ll need. Buy all your consumables and trading essentials from Morplan - and have them delivered alongside your furniture.