Clippy Hangers

Our vast range of clippy hangers is perfect for fashion retailers as well as personal use. So, we know how to make store spaces as effective and aesthetic as possible. Our clothes hangers with clips are designed to keep your products secure and presentable, whether it's in a busy retail environment or your home closet. From lightweight blouses to heavier skirts, our coat hangers with clips ensure everything stays in place.

For those who need more specialised storage solutions, our clip trouser hangers are ideal. They provide a strong grip to keep trousers, skirts, and other garments wrinkle-free and neatly displayed. Make your customer experience bespoke. With Morplan’s high-quality hangers, you can help the appearance of your merchandise and maximise your display space. Explore our range today and find the perfect hangers to elevate your clothing presentation. Need some inspiration on how to boost your aesthetic appeal in your store? Check out our inspiration page today.