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Hobbyists and crafters come in a variety of shapes and sizes - from homemade cards being sold on etsy, taking commissions to make costumes, selling homemade pottery at a market or even just crafting items for your own home. As such, the tools and supplies required can vary drastically - but that’s not a problem!

As the UK’s No.1 retail supplier, we have the experience and knowledge to supporting customers with a broad variety of interests and products. So for the hobbyists and crafters looking for supplies, we sell everything you could possibly need - measuring guides, pins, needles, irons, steamers, paper, pens, office supplies and much more!

Take a look through our range of products below which are perfect for making all types of crafts.

Storing hobbyist and craft suppliesStoring hobbyist and craft supplies
Selling hobbyist and craft suppliesSelling hobbyist and craft supplies