Heavy Duty Clothes Rails

Each one of our huge range of heavy duty clothes rails allows you to hang up to 110kg of clothing with confidence. All you need to do is decide what other factors are important to you - we have various widths of strong clothes rails, reduced height heavy duty clothes rails and even a choice of finish. All of these heavy duty clothes rails are available for next day UK delivery and, as you would expect from the UK’s leading wholesale supplier to retailers, they are offered at the very best discounted prices. If you need your clothes rails to hold even more weight - check out our super heavy duty clothes rail options - they can confidently hold up to 200kg!
Our top selling heavy duty clothes rail is the one offered in classic black, but we also have white and chrome options. Whichever you choose you can be confident that your heavy duty clothes rail has been made to the highest specification so that it will easily hold up to 110kg in weight - making it perfect for winter coats, jeans and weightier wears. While you can choose various size options, including reduced height rails, you can also buy extension posts to increase the height of your rail - for example to accommodate longer winter coats, and if you add a centre rail (not available for 3ft version) the capacity can potentially double.