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Disinfect returned garments quickly and safely
with SurSol™ Garment disinfectant.

SurSol™ Garment Disinfectant

SurSol™ Garment disinfectant is a broad spectrum anti-bacterial garment spray that is to be used to sanitise clothing between washes. Kills 99.99% of germs and viruses including Coronavirus and RNA Enveloped Viruses.

Sursol™ Garment Disinfectant is safe to use on most clothing, even delicates.

Are you a fashion retailer or
work with clothes…?

Whether you are selling or dealing with returned garments, this is your best and most cost effective method for keeping those items sanitised using this Garment Disinfectant.

Have changing rooms
in store…?

Create a safer environment within your changing rooms and ensure that the garments your customers touch and try on are clean. Use this garment spray to sanitise each item.

SurSol™ Garment & Fabric Disinfectant

The perfect solution for sanitising garments quickly and effectively.

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How is SurSol different from alcohol-based products?

Alcohol is what is called a flash sanitising product and works against germs when wet (which is within 15 seconds) as soon as it dries out it STOPS WORKING. It has no residual germ-killing effect. Once alcohol has evaporated the germ-killing action stops. It is extremely effective for flash/immediate disinfection. Repeated and regular disinfection is required.

Extended use of alcohol sanitizers and extensive washing of the hands has been shown to lead to Irritable Contact Dermatitis (ICD). 85% of health care workers suffer from some form of ICD. As result up to 80% of health care workers in some settings do not apply a sanitizer as often as required by Infection Control. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) recommends the use of skin cleansers that do not de-fat skin or contain harsh abrasives. Most alcohol gels have at least 60% alcohol content and will de-fat skin with every use. ICD is now recognised as an occupational hazard for healthcare workers.

Available in 1 Litre spray bottle.