to a selection of Flat Handle Paper Bags

Personalised paper carrier bags are the simplest way to get your brand name out there - there is no greater advertising than recommendation and seeing your branded bags being paraded down the street reminds consumers of your presence and suggests you have something worth buying. Paper carrier bags are straightforward to personalise with standard ink, and we can arrange for it to be done at the time you place an order. So talk to Morplan now about our overprinting services and enjoy the convenience of ordering from one supplier, and the discounts we are able to offer on bulk orders. That's what makes Morplan the leading UK wholesaler to the retail sector.

Things you need to know

  • Minimum order quanitity
    400 bags
  • Delivery lead time
    2-3 weeks
  • New plate charges
    FREE of charge
  • Print Costs (prices exclude cost of bags)
    1 colour = from 5p per bags
    2 colours = from 10p per bags
  • Print Colours
    Ink Print
    Customer specified colour can be closely matched or alternatively a Pantone colour reference must be supplied, where a charge of £35 will be applied.

All prices exclude VAT