Mannequin Renovations by Morplan Ltd

Mannequin Repair and Restoration

From a simple paint repair to a complete restoration, the Morplan Mannequin Repair Service will breathe new lease of life into your old mannequin displays.

We specialise in repairs such as;

  • Damage to hands and feet
  • Paint scratches & scuffs
  • Chips, cracks or dents to paintwork
  • Respray with a new colour

anything is possible

The result?
A beautiful, unique mannequin that will bring your displays to back to life.

Starting with the basics, we’ll carefully fill in any chips, cracks or dents and then re-spray the figure in the colour and finish of your choice - whether that be to restore the original look or change it to something completely new. We’re fully stocked with matt, gloss and metallic paints in a huge range of shades and can also replicate the painted affect you desire.

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Mannequin Repairs by Morplan

Mannequin Repairs From broken fingers, damaged facial features, to light scuffs and deep scratches.

Common Repairs

From simple repairs such as paint scuffs and scratches to complete transformations like colour changes and head removals.

Facial Damage

Chips to facial features

Facial Damage

Damage to hands & feet

Facial Damage

Scuffs to paint finish

Facial Damage

Cracks to paint finish

it’s all in the detail

Our make-up artists can create any look from fresh and natural to dramatic and theatrical, and are happy to discuss your exact requirements.

For the finishing touch, bespoke wigs in any colour or style, hand-crafted to fit your mannequin perfectly, are made to your specification.

Price List

  Matt Finish Gloss Finish
  Adult Mannequins
Repair with respray 95 120
Head removal with respray 170 195
3/4 Torso with respray 75 90
  Child Mannequins
Repair with respray 85 108
Head removal with respray 153 175
Make-up 35
Wigs 105
  All prices shown are starting from

Specialist finishes i.e. Chrome or Nextel are quoted upon request. Colours can be matched to Pantone® or Ral numbers.

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At Morplan we are proud to say that ‘anything is possible’ with our mannequin renovation service. We won’t shy from any project - simple repairs to a full recolour or even remodelling such as removing fixed heads.

When will I get my mannequins back? Our lead time will vary depending on the request but we will endevour to have your mannequins back to you within one week.

How do I get my mannequins to you? Just let us know what suits you and your business best, we are happy to quote based on pick up and delivery with one of our trusted couriers or you can source a courier of your own.

Do you renovate more than one mannequin at a time? Yes. We pride ourselves on offering a superior service and as such have the capacity to renovate numerous mannequins at once.

Can you renovate any mannequin? Sure. We specialise in renovating fibre-glass mannequins but can also address most plastic mannequins.

I didnt buy my mannequin at Morplan or Panache, can you help? Yes we can. This service is available to all, even if you bought your mannequins from another supplier we will help where we can.