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Garment Steamers are a quick and efficient way of getting wrinkle-free clothes. Whether it’s a portable, hand held model you’re after or an industrial steamer, we’ve got you covered. Either way, your clothes will be wrinkle free! We have a huge selection of Garment Steamers, all in stock and ready to be delivered with next day delivery, all at great wholesale prices. Using a Steamer couldn’t be easier – forget lugging the ironing board out and having to position your garment correctly. A Steamer is quick, easy and hassle free and a necessity in any clothing store. Our range spans many different varieties of Clothes Steamers. Ranging from a small, portable and hand held model which will give you up to ten minutes of use without re-filling, to our higher end models which can give up to three hours of non-stop use. We’ve got a steamer to suit whatever budget you’ve got, whether you’re looking for personal or for industrial use. When it comes to professional clothes steamers we have all bases covered. From our portable handheld garment steamer starting at just £25.50, through a whole range of clothes steamers increasing in power, user time and price until we reach the top end of our industrial clothes steamers – the Pro-Steam Maxi 4 which harnesses an astounding 1750 watts of power and allows you to steam away wrinkles and creases for up to two hours at a time! The tank size of your steamer should be considered when making your purchase. For example, if you are buying for your own personal use, our E8 Hand Held Clothes Steamer with up to 10 minutes steaming time may be the right one for you. However, if you’re running a busy clothes shop and need to steam items multiple times a day, our Vitesse Clothes Steamer with up to three hours non-stop use may be the option for you. All of our Steamers are different and have different features which suit different customers. Steamers are great for most fabrics as it is a much more delicate way of smoothing out fabrics than ironing. Fabrics such as cottons, silk and wool can be steamed, but suede or plastic materials should be avoided. Frightened to iron something as you fear you may damage it? A Steamer is your answer. Delicately remove wrinkles and creases without the pressure of an iron. Bring your silk clothing back to life! Do you travel for work? Our E8 Hand Held Clothes Steamer is perfect if you’re always out and about and is ideal for fashion shows or personal use.


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