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We sell a huge range of coat hangers and clothes hangers – over 200 in fact. So whether you prefer wooden, plastic, padded or metal hangers, we have it covered. Don't forget to also browse our range of rail dividers and size cubes - all designed to help customers (and staff!) be able to navigate the clothes hanging rails with ease.

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Coat Hangers

Coat Hangers are a necessity in any clothing store. Ensuring your garments are wrinkle free and presented in the best way possible is essential. No matter what item of clothing you are hanging, we’ve got a hanger to suit your needs. Whether it’s bridal gowns, t-shirts, suits, trousers or swimwear, you’ve come to the right place. With a range of materials from wooden and plastic to padded and metal, you really are spoilt for choice.

Our wooden coat hangers come in many different styles, including white wood, dark wood, black wood, natural wood and antique wood, so you know that whatever theme runs through your store, we’ve got a hanger to match. There are so many benefits from using coat hangers as opposed to folding. Customers can see your clothes easier, making it easy to spot their size at a glance without having to rifle through piles of folded clothes. You can hang different styles or colours behind each other so customers know all of their options. Coat hangers are so versatile and can be used with many different display systems, such as wall systems, clothes rails and freestanding display units.

We offer wholesale discounts and are happy to cater for large orders, so whether you need 1 box or 100, we can help! If you need something slightly different, we offer wire hangers, sliding peg hangers, heavy duty hangers, Mawa hangers, bodyform hangers and hotel hangers. If you have delicate items that need a bit of extra care, we sell gorgeous padded coat hangers which are perfect for bridal or prom dresses. We also sell all of the accessories you will need to accompany your hangers, including rail dividers, size cubes and markers, shoe hangers, scarf hangers, trouser and shirt clips, hanger storage and security clips. We stock 11 different types of children’s hangers, as well, including peg hangers, wooden hangers, plastic hangers and economy hangers.

What’s more is that we can print your logo onto many of our coat hangers, to give your store that edge. Branded coat hangers ooze sophistication and set you apart from other similar stores.

If you run a small boutique, a charity shop or a department store, you’ve come to the right place. We supply a large selection of different coat hangers and we are confident we’ve got a selection of hangers that you’ll love.

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