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Articulated Female Mannequins

If you are looking for a quirky and eye-catching mannequin upon which to display your womenswear, check out our range of articulated female mannequins. These vintage looking display figures are moveable, posable and incredibly characterful! Each mannequin is made up of different segments; a traditional tailor’s dummy body, modern mannequin legs, and a cotton linen-covered head. Detachable wooden arms and hands are available separately and allow the model to be posed in any way you like – even to hold accessories such as bags and hats. With no hairstyle or make up to date them, these faceless mannequins are a versatile, low maintenance choice that will take you from season to season with totally new looks. All of our mannequins are available to see in store, so if you get a chance do pop along to check out our model-like ladies.

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