Faceless Female Grey Sports Mannequins

Faceless Grey Sports mannequins
If you want to display sportswear in a vibrant and dramatic way or are simply looking for a female mannequin with a difference then our female Sports mannequins are the ideal solution. Featuring the same quality and detail of our Realistic range but in a series of action packed, sporty poses, they are an exciting and dynamic alternative to traditional display figures. Available as gorgeous, sculpted versions in eye-catching white with attractive faces and a timeless cropped hair style, or classic faceless versions in stunning white or modern grey finishes. Sports mannequins offer superb, lifelike body proportions and excellent muscle definition which perfectly enhances the displaying of sportswear, football and rugby kits, leotards, gym wear, cycle clothing or even regular womenswear. Poses include runner, tennis player, cyclist, golfer and walker. Hands are made from PVC and are designed to hold equipment such as tennis racquets, golf clubs and walking poles. Made from robust but lightweight fibreglass with a durable, matt finish, they are a superb quality and long lasting mannequin which is bound to draw customers into your store if displayed in a shop window or on the shop floor. They are lightweight, making them easy to dress and manoeuvre into position. Delivery takes up to 14 days

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Faceless Grey Astride Female Sports Mannequins
Faceless Grey Runner Female Sports Mannequins
Faceless Grey Walker Female Sports Mannequins
Faceless Grey Golfer Female Sports Mannequins
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