Be Inspired At Morplan we pride ourselves on delivering innovative products to our customers. Now we are aiming to inspire those very customers with beautiful shop installations & concepts.

Cafe and Deli
Heritage Drift Tray Merchandiser
200(h) x 54(d) x 60cm(w)
Heritage Drift Cable Table
80(d) x 80(w) x 90cm(h)
Urban Metro Metal Top Stool
54(h) x 34(w) x 34cm(d)
Antique Pipe Ceiling Lights
122(h) x 88cm(w)
Multi Adjustable Cluster Ceiling Lights
Heritage Drift Cash Desk
120(w) x 90(h) x 60cm(d)
Inspiring Window Displays for Cafe and Deli Stores

Café & Deli

Industrial and vintage aesthetics are still very popular with cafés and small independent food shops. This makes our Heritage Drift perfect, as it's both extensive and multi-functional; it provides shelving options for food and drink, merchandising options for impulse buys, display stands, wall systems and even tables and cash desks! The warm wood is perfect for that reclaimed style, and when matched with antique or vintage lighting, blackboards and bare brick walls it provides that sought after quirky atmosphere.

What's even better, is that should the Heritage Drift range not be to your liking we also sell Heritage in three other colour options!

Home and Gift Store
Heritage Wash 12 Cube Unit with Storage
200(h) x 39(d) x 119cm(w)
Heritage Wash Mini Display Ladder
60(d) x 35(w) x 81cm(h)
Heritage Wash
Table Display Unit

70(h) x 120(w) x 90cm(d)
Pendant Light - Vented White
39cm diameter
Heritage Wash Wooden Crates
50(h) x 40(w) x 30cm(d)

Home & Gifts

Using a selection of display furniture from our popular Heritage White and Wash ranges, we've created a store with a homely atmosphere reminiscent of quirky homeware or gift stores.

Using a variety of store lighting alongside traditional home lighting, we gave the store a warm glow to contrast the light of the glass display cabinet. As a homeware or gift store, there will be a large range of bulky products like cushions and blankets, alongside fragile glassware and eclectic candles, so having furniture that provides ample table-top and shelf space is ideal.

Inspiring Window Displays for Home and Gift Stores
Glass Display Jewellery Store
Black Panorama Glass Display Cabinets Tall Extra Wide
100 x 40 x 198cm (w x d x h)
Tuscany Black Glass Display Cabinets Short Wide
102 x 46 x 90cm (w x d x h)
Black Slimline Display Tower Black
46 x 46 x 148cm (w x d x h)
Cluster Ceiling Lights - 10 Arm
Slimline Black Shop Counters
Inspiring Window Displays for Jewellery Shops

Jewellery Store

A jewellers main aim is to make their stock shine. So choosing an anti-clutter, minimalist store design may be the best choice.

Our example on the right uses a combination of muted colours and spot lighting to create a professional, classy aesthetic, ensuring the textures and colours of the jewellery are always the most important part of the store.

The plants and quirky ceiling lights give the store a flourish of life. Using the same Panorama display cabinets in a black finish provides a uniform wall and some much needed storage space.

The Slimline and Tuscany counters in a matching black finish keep the look consistent while providing various merchandising options.

Sportswear Boutique
Glass Wall Mirror - Glass Wall Mirror
34 x 120cm (w x h)
Urban Metro Shelving Unit
162 x 44 x 141cm (w x d x h)
Urban Metro Table
Set of 2 Tables
Urban Metro Grid Panel
60 x 200cm (w x h)
Colour-me Slatwall Panels in Black
120 x 120cm (h x w)
Running Faceless Grey Female Mannequin
5ft 6in - Size 8 to 10

Sportswear Boutique

With the wildly varying style of sports clothing and equipment, it's important that the products and the store don't end up looking messy.

We've built this store using wall fittings and furniture from our Urban Metro range and then paired it with MDF slatwall and plinths that have been plainted black to match the walls.

Using the plinths as separate islands for display helps keep the shop floor clean and the products looking uncluttered.

Inspiring Window Displays for Womans Boutiques
Florists & Garden Centre
Heritage Rustic
9 Cube Gondola

110 x 119 x 39cm (h x w x d)
Pendant Light
Concrete Grey

19 x 14cm (h x w)
Metro Trolley

113 x 106 x 35cm (h x w x d)
Heritage Rustic
Open Shelving Units

119 x 80 x 39cm (h x w x d)
Heritage Rustic
A-Frame Chalk Board

100 x 50cm (h x w)
Inspiring Window Displays

Florists & Garden Centre

In recent years, florists and garden centres have become more than simple plant merchants and have delved into gifts, homewares and even clothing!

This is why it's important to not only have ample table and shelving space for plants, but a combination of display furniture and wall display systems to help provide a variety of merchandising options should an area of the store change - keeping it fresh and unique each month should a customer walk in more than once. Slatwall provides a comprehensive array of fittings for tools, seeds, clothing and more and allows the display to be changed or moved around at a whim.

The Urban Metro trolleys provide a moveable display that can be shifted around the store and display crates are a fantastic way of creating plinths, shelving or for using atop other furniture to provide interesting displays.

Womans Fashion Boutique
Theatre Lights

124cm (w)
Gloss White Wall
Mounted Display Boxes

Other Sizes Available
Queen Vogue
Clothing Merchandisers

120 > 210cm (h)
Panorama Glass Display
Cabinet with Storage

198 x 100 x 40cm (h x w x d)
Female White
Abstract Mannequins

5 feet 11 inches
1-Bay Ceiling
Bay with Shelf

130 > 172 x 94cm (h x w)

Womenswear Boutique

Using modern chrome fittings, spotlight strips, white hangers and matching white mannequins, we've created a clean, bright, modern and minimal women's boutique.

The Panorama display cabinet is a secure way of displaying jewellery and expensive accessories plus its built-in lighting provides an additional viewpoint. Using acrylic display pedestals for your shelves, you can display bags and shoes in an interesting way while also allowing customers to pick them up should they wish to buy.

Keeping your rails and merchandisers sparse allows the minimal feeling to permeate the store so that individual garments stand out, rather than becoming a sea of clothing.

Inspiring Window Displays for Womans Boutiques
Reclaimed and Clean Menswear Shop
Trace Wall

60 x 18mm x 120cm (w x d x h)
Cone Pendant

25 x 33 x 33cm (w x d x h)
Trace Wall

240cm (h)
White Heritage
Display Crates

40 x 30 x 50cm (w x d x h)
White Headless
Male Mannequin

White Heritage
Display Ladder

150 x 43 x 183cm (w x d x h)
Inspiring Window Displays for Menswear Shops

Reclaimed & Clean

The industrial rough-and-ready style is still very popular amongst fashion retailers.

In this store design we've used pieces from our comprehensive range of Heritage White display furniture, alongside the matching Heritage White panels from our Trace display system to create a seamless interior. Using the furniture, we've created small islands to keep varying types of clothing feeling separate even when space is limited.

The aim is to keep everything looking tidy but to match the interior so that everything has a strong sense of 'use', hence the concrete walls and floor and the old brown sofa. The matching range of headless mannequins and display legs let the clothing stand at the front.

Morplan has been your No1 retailer for over 170 years delivering great products at fantastic prices and we are proud to say we're becoming the inspiration for many of our existing and new customers creating their perfect displays.

Mature & Classy Boutique
Silver Vintage
Framed Mirror

165 x 76cm (h x w)
Aluminium Panorama
Shop Counters

Various Sizes available
Queen Vogue
with White Facia

Size Vary
Casio SE-G1
Cash Register White

326 x 167 x 345cm (w x h x l)
Panorama Glass Display
Cabinet with Storage

40 x 40 x 198cm (w x d x h)

Mature & Classy Boutique

This classy boutique look has been achieved using a restricted palette giving a minimal appearance.

Using our range of Panorama showcases and counters, finished in brushed nickel, we have created a central island allowing customers to view jewellery items under the best light whilst keeping valuable items secure.

Alongside this we have our Queen Vogue display system, finished in brushed nickel. This adaptable system can display multiple items without consuming vast amounts of floor space.

Other accent pieces included; silver vintage mirrors, white solo rails and a selection of our white leatherette jewellery displays.

Inspiring Window Displays for Womans Boutiques Inspiring Window Displays for Womans Boutiques

Bridal Store

Products in use: Beaded Crystal Chandeliers, Wooden Tube & Clamp, Gloss White Display Cabinet and Female Bust with Articulated Arms.

Cafe / Restuarant

Products in use: Heritage Drift Dresser, Trace Display System, Antique 5 Light Cluster and Heritage Drift Cable Wheels.


Products in use: Heritage White Display Cabinet, Vented White Pendant Lamp and Heritage White 12 Cube Unit with Storage.


Products in use: Black Panorama Display Cabinets, 10-arm Ceiling Lights, Leatherette Jewellery Stands and slimline Counters.

Sportwear Store

Products in use: Urban Metro Display Stand, Spot Lights, Urban Metro Metal Tables and Black MDF Slatwall with Accessories.

Fashion Boutique

Products in use: Edge Wall Cubes, Silver Panorama Display Cabinets, Venetian Mirror and Realistic Female White Mannequins.

Sports Store

Products in use: Trace Shelving, Chrome Clothes Rails, Casio Till and Flexia Counters

Artisan Store

Products in use: Rustic Heritage, Mythos Shelving System

Bridal Store

Products in use: Ophelia Collection, Display Case, Tables, Shelving Unit and Mannequins

Grocery Store

Products in use: Metal Shelving, Heritage Rustic, Shopping Baskets and Casio Till

Denim Store

Products in use: White Heritage, Trace, Slatwall Accessories and Mannequins

Shoe Store

Products in use: Twin32 Shelving, Slatwall Shelving, Clothes Gondolas and Foot Socks

Boutique Store

Products in use: Panorama Counters, Evolve Shelving, White Rails and Mirrors

Garden Store

Products in use: Heritage Drift Shelving & Counter, Urban Shelving, Wooden Crates

Outdoors Store

Products in use: Heritage Rustic Counter, Casio Till, Rustic Slatwall and Accessories

Farm Store

Products in use: New Hampshire Collection; Table, Cabinet, Dresser & Lamps

Accessory Store

Products in use: Flexia Counter, Trace Shelving, Mainsail Collection and Slatwall