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Plastic Coat Hangers

"We have literally hundreds of plastic coat hangers for you to choose from, but don’t be overwhelmed by the extent of the choices we’re offering you. Think about the type of plastic clothes hanger you need and we can help you from there. Our economy plastic clothes hangers are both cost efficient and space saving, while we have more durable options, velvet, flock and even plastic hangers specially designed for hanging specific garments, e.g. skirt hangers, trouser hangers, suit hangers, lingerie and swimwear hangers. We even have American style hangers and of course, hanger stackers – so that when your bulk order of new plastic clothes hangers arrives you can store them all vertically and neatly, taking up minimum space, until you have time to re-hang your garments. If you’ve got stock arriving imminently don’t worry, you can have your plastic coat hangers on next day delivery in the UK, and do order up because our wholesale prices just keep getting better for bulkier orders.

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Product List

Plastic Coat Hangers

Plastic coat hangers are the staple of the fashion industry. They are so versatile and come in many different styles, shapes and colours. Whatever your clothing needs, we’re sure to have a plastic coat hanger to suit you and your budget.

Whether you are hanging trousers, tops and skirts or suits, dresses and shirts, we have a hanger for you. We have many different accessories and variations of our hangers so you can find your perfect match. Our velvet plastic hangers are perfect for items of a higher value, or those that a bit more protection such as silk shirts or gowns. We also stock lingerie and underwear hangers so you can display intimates professionally and neatly. With ranges from economy to durable and more, our range of plastic hangers is unbeatable.

Many of our plastic hangers can be printed with your logo by using our LogoPrint service. Really make your hangers stand out and ensure your customers remember you by branding your hangers. Branded hangers look professional, neat, tidy and upmarket.

Almost all of our plastic hangers are designed to hold our sizing cubes, so you and your customers can see sizes easily whilst the clothes are still on the rail. Our sizing cubes can also be printed with your logo to add to your brand consistency.

If you need ribbed hangers, extra-large hangers, flocked hangers, trouser hangers, children’s hangers, skirt hangers, spectrum hangers or any other style plastic hanger, we’re sure to have them to fit your needs. Whether it’s just 1 box or 100 boxes, whatever your quantity needs, large or small, we can help. With our huge wholesale discounts, the more you order the better! From charity shops, menswear, womenswear and childrenswear shops to boutiques, costume stores, bridal shops and dress shops, plastic hangers are suitable for every clothing store, yours included.