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Sewing Storage Box

This multipurpose sewing plastic storage box made by Prym is the perfect way to store and carry all manner of small sewing equipment and supplies. Measuring in at a handy 24 x 16.5 x 14cm it is a good size to keep all your small sewing bits and pieces together, yet easily accessible thanks to the 3-tier trays (there is a 2 litre tray and two 1 litre trays in this handy sewing storage box). The trays simply click together allowing additional ones to be added at a later date if necessary to increase the sewing storage capacity. This is such a versatile plastic storage box that we lots of customers who have used them for other purposes, including as storage for crafts, fishing gear, stationery, cake decorating and other hobby equipment. So, whatever you need compact yet handy plastic carry-all storage boxes for, these sewing ones are worth a look at. We sell them individually, or in bulk for even better wholesale prices.

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