Save time and space with the all-in-one packaging tool by Ranpak. Provide your items with a protective wrap without the need for tape or plastic.

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Stage 1: Wrap your items

Wrap your items in the brown or white kraft paper combination

Stage 2: Fold the edges inwards

Neatly fold the edges inwards as you wrap, encasing your items

Stage 3: Press the wrapping together

Press the final edges of the honeycomb weave for a secure fit



If your business requires you to pack and protect small to medium sized fragile items either at the till point or for mail order distribution then this handy, eco-friendly gadget is ideal. It features a disposable cardboard box with built in wrapping materials which are easy to roll out and wrap. Simply place items on the wrap and pull gently, tucking in sides as you go to form a neat and secure package which does not require glue or tape and can be placed directly into carrier bags or mailing boxes/bags. The combination of honeycomb cut kraft paper and tissue paper provides a stylish, organic looking finish which protects against knocks and scratches once goods have left your premises. This gadget is an environmentally friendly alternative to wasteful plastic packing materials such as bubble wrap, tape and void fillers. Once the wrap has all been used, simply throw the box in the recycling bin. Each box features a metal hook and double sided tape for secure attaching to flat surfaces and the compact size makes it ideal for keeping at till points on the shop floor or for using in warehouses, distribution centres and home businesses or for taking out on the road to markets and exhibitions. Choose from brown or white paper/tissue finishes.

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