Let’s plan your dream store together with StorePlanner.

We like to keep things simple: create your new look with our quick and easy online StorePlanner. Draw out your room, merchandise with our products and view your creation online in 3D - and best of all, its completely FREE.

Visualise, plan and optimise your retail space

Our retail store planner software will help you visualise your retail space, using the measurements of your store to build the picture outwards from there.

Add store design elements such as display and visual merchandising to plan out your store, ensuring you are using the space in the most optimal, aesthetically pleasing and engaging way.

How to guide

Plan and design your store in just a few clicks

Our user friendly store planner gives you the freedom to draw out your retail space, position various items of furniture and displays and all in 5-10 minutes. 

1 Measure up

Take time to measure your store - wall by wall. Taking note of any doorways, windows, heaters and electrical points such as network ports, thermostats and /or power sockets.

2 Add products

With your store dimensions locked in, all that’s left to do is to select your fittings - simply find the items in the sidebar or search for them and then drag & drop each item into position.

3 Finish my design

View your design in 3D and if you’re happy submit all products to your basket. Alternatively submit your design to one our planner experts and we'll be in touch shortly.