male mannequins

Male Mannequins

Male Mannequins

Looking for some male mannequins to complete your merchandising display? We have a wide range of models to choose from to suit any business or brand. From realistic styles to dynamic sports men’s mannequins, special feature bendy or articulated models, we have something for every display.

We even have a mannequin restoration service to reduce waste and breathe new life into older mannequins. We handle repairs, restoration, and resprays for any model. We also offer mannequin hire so you can still benefit from quality models without the costs of a full purchase. Take a look at what suits your business needs best.

When it comes to the style stakes men are not to be left out, create a killer display using one of our full body male mannequins, designed to help turn heads. Customers come in all shapes and sizes and so do our range of mannequins; from black mannequins to white mannequins, chiselled facial features to abstract body forms, lots of muscle definition to a mannequin much less definition – the choice is yours. Our wide selection of poses, colours and features make Morplan the ideal supplier. Sit back and browse our range...

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