Mannequin Heads

A mannequin head is a great way to showcase your products, and using a mannequin head and stand enables you to elevate your displays. Regardless of whether you want foam heads or dummy heads, our vast range of stock means that we’ve covered all your needs. 

Here at Morplan, we have a “see it before you buy it” AR experience, so if you’re unsure of what mannequin head you’re after, you can test it in-store before you buy. We know the importance of reassurance so we want you to be certain of the mannequin head you choose for your business.

Our variety of stock includes elegant swan neck models, faceless wooden mannequin heads and even simple silhouettes with a matt, shiny or flocked finish.

Bring your stock to life when you use our mannequin products. Whether you’re after basic yet stylish mannequins, or you want a detailed mannequin head, we have a great range of stock. Explore Morplan today and see how we can elevate your store with our mannequin body parts.