Twinslot Shelving System

Our Twinslot shelving system offers simple, wall-mounted uprights with two holes so that the same upright can be used to hold shelving to each side. Simply work out your wall height for the retail shelf uprights to fit to, or opt for a gondola if wall space is not an option. Then, peruse the excellent range of accessories to create your very own flexible shelving solution, suitable for shops, warehouses and homes alike - they're perfect for garages!

Twinslot has a 32mm pitch and is designed to be built in 60cm, 90cm and 100cm bays. Start measuring your wall space now because you could be making these up as soon as tomorrow if you opt for next day UK delivery. Don’t forget that because we are the UK’s leading wholesale supplier to the retail sector, all our shelving components are offered at the best possible prices – and if you choose to bulk order you may qualify for even further discounts.

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Twinslot White Metal Shelves - 100 x 20cm

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Chrome Twinslot Gondolas - Tie Bar - 60 cm
Twinslot Uprights & Fittings - Dura White
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