Female Mannequin Torsos

Female Mannequin Torsos

If you need a female mannequin torso we have 35 different models to choose from. Our collection spans from female busts and torsos, to half-body forms and display body shells.
A half-body female mannequin makes for the perfect display for blouses, t-shirts, jumpers, lingerie, and swimwear. Think you might need a full body mannequin instead? Shop the full range of our mannequins, busts and tailors dummies.

Remember we have a mannequin restoration service to reduce waste and breathe new life into older mannequins. Ensure to check it.

If you are looking for a female mannequin torso, or half body mannequin form as they are also known, you are sure to find one you like here. Because we are the leading UK wholesale supplier to retailers we have sourced an impressive 35 different female body shape torsos and options for you to choose from. From female busts, torsos to half body forms and display body shells - we have it all. Our female half body mannequins come in all shapes and sizes, from a shell body form (perfect for showcasing swimwear) to lifelike deluxe torso models so whether you are looking to display blouses, t-shirts, jumpers, or indeed lingerie do peruse our range below. We cater to every budget and there are even different colours and skin tones to choose from. If you need your display model to arrive urgently, do check that we have these ready in stock for same day dispatch and then you can simply select next day delivery. Of course, as is always the way with Morplan, all of our female torso models are unbeatably priced.

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