Plus Size Female Mannequins

If you’re looking to promote a plus-sized range you have in your clothing line, our plus-size mannequin range is a great option. If you want a curvy mannequin to represent all body types, our UK size 16-18, 6-foot tall dummies are the perfect choice. 

Our mannequins are designed with representational proportions, so your customers can truly see how flattering your clothing line is. Our plus-sized mannequin range shows your client base how the clothing will look on them, creating an accurate, trustworthy brand image, and helping to boost sales and customer satisfaction. 

Our curvy range of mannequins prioritises quality. The mannequins are packaged well for transit, meaning that they will be delivered safely and are also easy to assemble. We also offer a tempered glass base and metal stand along with a free care kit with gloves and touch-up paint.