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Use a selection of mannequins (pronounced manikin) to bring your window displays and shop floors to life. We have a whole range from tailors dummy's to clothes mannequins and fashion mannequins in all kinds of poses. With over 170 years’ experience of supplying mannequins to the UK retail industry we are confident you’ll find us to be a most competitive wholesale supplier. We all know that catwalk models aren’t quite ‘real’. Very few of us can pull off that kind of look! But they do inspire a certain aspiration that you too can emulate with a great mannequin display. So when thinking about visual merchandising do spend a bit of time choosing the type of model/mannequin your customers can not only aspire to, but relate to.

A good mannequin should let your clothes take the limelight – showing them off to their full potential - and whet the appetite of potential customers who should be tempted to come in and peruse your wares. Our team have scoured the worldwide mannequin market to come up with an extensive range for you to choose from, depending on your specific requirements: Budget or high end realistic mannequin? Venice bust only, or full body mannequin? All inclusive mannequin or separates? Plus size or sculpted body? Child sized or stylised mannequin? Faceless (very popular!) or headless? Accessories or specific body parts? Whatever you are looking for in a mannequin we are sure we have some models to inspire you. And of course, because we are the UK’s leading wholesaler for retailers you can be assured we have negotiated some great prices and most of our mannequins are in stock ready for same day dispatch.