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Eco-friendly Female Mannequins

made using Bio-Resin, Rice Powder and Raffia Paper

Ecofriendly Female Mannequins

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Traditional Female mannequins are made using Resin and Fibreglass, however these Eco-Friendly Female mannequins are made using Bio-Resin, Rice Powder and Raffia Paper.

How It’s Made:

Corn crops that are produced in large quantities for human, animal and industrial uses (such as biomass feedstock used in a biomass power plant), is put under a fermentation process to produce glucose. The glucose is processed using metabolic engineering to extract 99% of the available bio resin. This bio resin is called “1,3 Propanediol (PDO)” and is an alternative to a wide range of glycols. Glycols are used in ordinary resin, which is made through the industrial refinement of oil - a non-renewable resource. The raffia paper is used as an alternative to fibreglass, as it provides strength to the final piece but is also biodegradable. The raffia is mixed with rice powder, which is then twisted and worked into a lattice. The bio resin “1,3 Propanediol (PDO)” is then applied, which causes the lattice to expand and flatten out leaving a smooth finish with no holes. Extra raffia is placed around all the joints (and areas that may become weak) for extra stability. Instead of using standard acrylic or oil-based paint, the mannequins are covered with a matt water-based paint (certification can be provided) and are sprayed with a water-based clear lacquer to produce the effect of a gloss finish.


A normal female mannequin can become toxic to the environment and take centuries to break down. However, the bio resin, raffia paper and rice power in these eco female mannequins will start to break down within the first 12 months of being landfilled. This is caused by the lack of oxygen, the humidity and pressure (thanks to the soil). The metal fittings can be broken away from the main body and fully recycled, alongside the recyclable glass stand and all packaging (boxes, void filler, packing paper and foam).