Clothes Steamers

When it comes to professional clothes steamers we have all bases covered. From our portable handheld garment steamer starting at just lb25.50, through a whole range of clothes steamers increasing in power, user time and price until we reach the top end of our industrial clothes steamers - the Pro-Steam Maxi 4 which harnesses an astounding 1750 watts of power and allows you to steam away wrinkles and creases for up to two hours at a time! We hold these steamers in stock so if you've had a delivery of overly creased garments, or you have an event coming up and have left it until the last minute, don't worry - your chosen clothes steamer can be with you tomorrow, just select next day delivery.
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Clothes steamers

The low down If you have never used a good clothes steamer before, try one – you will never go back! With a good clothes steamer you can quickly and efficiently remove wrinkles from even the most delicate fabrics and easily smooth out those difficult and fiddly areas such as under the armpit - without harsh creases.

But there are other benefits too:

  • You can get rid of that bulky ironing board (more space in the stock room!)
  • You won’t burn or scorch the fabric
  • You can use them to simply refresh clothes or upholstery – they help get rid of odours
  • You can save on dry cleaning bills – lots of fabrics (such as linen, wool, silk* and upholstery) can’t be ironed but come up beautifully with a steamer.

Choosing the right clothes steamer

We stock a wide range of professional clothes steamers that we have hand selected because we believe they present the best offering in their class – in terms of functionality, power, and usage time and of course price.
So which is the best clothes steamer for you? Handheld or upright? The first decision is probably ‘handheld or upright’? Handheld steamers are very easy to manoeuvre light-weight and heat up quickly.
They are perfect for home use, a quick refresh at an event or sporadic use in a smaller outlet. Our E8 hand held steamer will run for about 10 minutes before it’s tank needs re-filling and is very reasonably priced. Upright steamers are better for professional or commercial use, or for larger quantities.

Other features to consider:

  • Our clothes steamers are offered at very competitive prices, however they range considerably in their features so do think about your requirements and consider the following points when choosing which clothes steamer will work best for you:
  • Water tank capacity – the larger the water tank, the longer you can steam continuously – we offer everything from 1.4 litre models to the incredible 7 litres offered by Speedypress
  • Durability of the castors for easy movement
  • Power supply –the higher the wattage the more powerful the machine – our Pro-Steam Maxi 4 harnesse